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Birth Control / Tubal Sterilization - Voluntary Limiting of Human Reproduction

There exist several methods which women can make use of to avert themselves from being pregnant. One supposedly permanent way for this is called as Essure tubal ligation which is a spring like device that works along with one’s body to construct a natural obstruction, thus preventing pregnancy.

This Essure tubal ligation device contains filaments which cause one’s body to create scar tissue that acts as a barrier. The key reason as to why most women choose to go through this process is to prevent pregnancy in future are:

  • It is not essential that you need to be positioned under the general anaesthesia in order to have this birth control procedure carried out, since it does not require any incision.   This in fact means that you could undergo this procedure in your physician’s office. However,, these too require few a medications such as a restricted anaesthesia to bring numbness to your cervix in order to help minimize your pain.
  • Since, this does not require general anaesthesia the recovery duration from this process is a bit quicker. As such, women tend to get back to do their daily routine faster.
  • Most of the IUD types, birth control antibiotics, rings and patches have hormones, but Essure tubal ligation does not have this which means that they should not interfere with your menstrual cycle. After undergoing Essure tubal ligation, most of the women have discovered that their menstrual cycle remained similar to the menstrual cycle they used to get before the device was implanted.

Even though Essure tubal ligation is considered to be the newest form of permanent birth control, it is still very reliable. Nevertheless, if you want to have children after Essure tubal ligation, you need to go through the IVF treatment which is very expensive.

The other alternative for birth control is Laparoscopic tubal ligation which is done by burning, clipping or placing a ring on your tubes. This method yields the best results but is very expensive.

Opting to try either of the birth control methods? Then feel free to visit advancedwomenshealth.org, since we provide quality care from maternity until maturity. We provide pre-counselling sessions too, after which you can opt for the birth control method that is appropriate for you.

Our birth control counselling services are rendered for patients in many areas in Florida including Brooksville, Hernando County, Citrus County, Spring Hill, Tampa, New Port Richey, Hillsborough County, Hobson, and Pasco County to name a few.


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