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Midwife – Professionals providing Expectant Mothers with Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Midwives are health care professionals who provide expectant mothers with prenatal as well as postnatal care. They help expectant mothers to undergo pregnancy with minimized risks, provide services for the whole process of childbirth as well as the postpartum stage. Midwives are different from obstetricians in that obstetricians specialize in treating the complications and illnesses associated to pregnancy and childbearing. The two are complementary.

Midwives are inclined towards providing the pregnant women with health care and assistance in making the whole process less risky and uncomplicated. Once upon a time, midwives were mainly restricted to extend their assistance to mothers in delivering babies. They have been present for centuries, only in the recent past has it become mandatory for midwives to pass some medical and licensing exams to qualify as a midwife and her domain has since then expanded, beyond merely assisting in the process of childbirth.

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is a practitioner of midwifery who is a certified by the standards set by North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). However, there is a difference between certified midwives and certified Professional midwives in that a Certified Professional Midwife is involved mainly in home births or out-of-hospital childbirths. They are well trained by exposing them to out-of-hospital settings, gauging their risk assessment capabilities and skills. Certified Professional Midwife provides midwifery services that encompass pregnancy, childbirth as well as postpartum services.

A Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is an advanced nurse who specializes in nursing as well as midwifery. A certified nurse midwife is a higher qualified medical professional as compared to certified midwife and certified professional midwife. They provide their medical services to pregnant women, especially when they are experiencing labor and undergoing childbirth and make the whole process as risk free as possible  by identifying and diagnosing any abnormal actions and conditions in the mother as well as the baby.

A certified nurse midwife renders medical assistance for hospital as well as homebirths by providing prenatal and postpartum services.

Midwife, certified professional midwife and certified nurse midwife are involved in more or less the same domain, with their education, specialization and knowledge varying by a few degrees. A midwife can make the process of pregnancy and childbirth so much easier by his or her medical assistance and the very critical emotional and moral support that every woman requires when going through a painful and exhausting period of pregnancy.

At Advanced Women’s Health Center, we have a highly experienced midwife to support women in their pregnancy needs. We provide our services to patients across Florida areas like Tampa, Hudson, Hillsborough, Pasco County, and many more.

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I had difficulty conceiving, but every time I
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When I saw my baby with that much detail using Dr. Shakfeh's 4D Ultrasound, I was so happy!
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Michelle Hale is such a caring lady and I love having her as my midwife.
Sara Y.
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Dr. Shakfeh caught my cancer in its earliest stages and eliminated it completely!
Laura O.
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