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Thank you for delivering my sweet Joshua safely into this world and for your genuine care during my pregnancy. You have been a wonderful doctor. I appreciate everything!

Danielle S.
  I can not recommend Dr. Shakfeh enough. His answers to my questions are always well researched and thought out. 
Nancy S.
  I am so happy that Dr. Shakfeh's office has women caregivers that I can also turn to.  It's always nice to have a fellow female that can relate to my problems.
Lea R.
  My mom, sisters, and all my friends go to Dr. Shakfeh.  I can not say enough good things about him.  Thank you Dr. Shakfeh for your great care!
Kerry Q.
  Dr. Shakfeh has wonderful bedside manners and a great sense of humor to boot!
Dawn P.
  I was very sick and no other doctor could figure out what was wrong with me, but Dr. Shakfeh was able to diagnose and treat me.
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I had difficulty conceiving, but every time I
look at my beautiful baby girl, I can thank Dr. Shakfeh.
Eva G.
Hr Line
When I saw my baby with that much detail using Dr. Shakfeh's 4D Ultrasound, I was so happy!
Nadine W.
Line 2
Michelle Hale is such a caring lady and I love having her as my midwife.
Sara Y.
Hr Line
Dr. Shakfeh caught my cancer in its earliest stages and eliminated it completely!
Laura O.
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2013: New doctors have have joined our team.
2013: We now have 4 new offices!
2013: New Pap Smear standards from the CDC:
2012: We now own one of the 12 Vscan Pocket-Sized-Ultra-Smart-Ultrasound Machines in the state of Florida.
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