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Female Cancer Screening – Essential to prevent many Deaths due to Cancer

Female cancer screening is essential for preventing the primary cause of death in women. Every year almost forty thousand women die due to various cancers. Early detection using customized female cancer screening with appropriate treatment could help prevent many deaths due to cancer.

A physician’s failure to advise customized female cancer screening for his/her female patients along with a follow-up on test results constitutes medical negligence. Generally, cancer specialists recommend that doctors conduct female cancer screening yearly on female patients of 40 and above. For patients who are at high-lifetime risk, doctors recommend MRI female cancer screening every year.

After female cancer screening, a woman is determine if she has a high-lifetime risk based on their gene mutations, family history and personal medical background.

Physicians must advice female patients to undergo breast cancer screening too. A breast exam could well determine about the lumps or other abnormalities in a breast which stands as an indicator of cancer. After the breast cancer screening diagnosis the person having breast cancer must undergo 5 types of staging system.

After the cancer specialists starts correlating breast cancer screening documents with a statistic named “five-year survival-rate” with every cancer stage. This, in fact, reveals the female population who have the possibility of survival after 5 or more years after diagnosis in that stage.

If you feel that you need to go for breast cancer screening then opt to get screened by Advanced Women’s Health Center. We have the best breast cancer screening facilities after which we recommend the possible treatments for people who have been diagnosed of cancer.

The breast cancer screening involves taking a MRI and mammogram which helps identify masses or changes in breast which otherwise cannot be detected with the help of clinical procedures.

So, let us now see what ovarian cancer is and the remedial measures that can be adopted?

Ovarian cancer is nothing but cancer in ovaries which is common in amongst the female population. Ovaries are the female’s reproductive organs which produce eggs which are essential for reproduction. These eggs pass through the fallopian tube to enter into the uterus where they get fertilized. However, several tumors can start developing in the ovaries that can lead to cancerous cells in the future. Some of the commonly viewable symptoms that can be seen in an ovarian cancer patient are: constipation, back pain, leg pain, fatigue and many more.

Tremendous weight loss is also considered to be a symptom of ovarian cancer. The effective ways to treat ovarian cancer are with the help of local therapies, systematic chemotherapy, and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

At Advanced Women’s Health Center, we offer you professional female cancer screening. Our female cancer screening services are offered to patients in many areas in Florida including Hillsborough, Citrus County, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa, Hobson, County, Hernando County, and Pasco County to name a few.


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