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Gynecological Exam – Check up Process for Reproductive or Sexual Problem

Generally, women should seek out gynecological care for the first time when she is showing abnormal symptoms like excessive vaginal discharge, or when they have just started to get sexually active, or when they reach eighteen years of age.

Gynecological exam generally comprises of the following steps –

  • First and foremost, the doctor will check for any sort of abnormalities on the breast
  • Then the external genitalia is checked which includes the vulva and the pelvic floor muscles
  • Then the cervix is examined by opening up the vagina using a speculum
  • The doctors often first screen for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Then  the patient is screened for pelvic inflammatory diseases
  • Pap Smear – screening for cancerous growths or signs


This is the general procedure followed for any gynecological check up.


The gynecological exam also includes a Pap smear, scientifically known as the Papanicolau spear test, which is a cervical smear. A Pap smear is usually performed to check for any cancerous elements in the cervix. A few samples of your cervix are taken to examine under a microscope for any cancerous growths or conditions. Inform your doctor of any birth control or some other medications that you might be on, before a Pap smear test. In case you are menstruating, avoid this test because, the menstrual blood cells can disturb the accuracy of the Pap smear.


Every woman should seek out up well woman exams, if possible annually. Well woman exams basically involve the pelvic examination which checks you for any reproductive problem, which is much like the gynecological exam. Every woman or girl must take up the well woman exam regularly especially of she is sexually active. Most women seek a well women gynecological exam only when they are experiencing some discomfort or symptoms.


Those who take up regular well woman exams check for any reproductive or sexual problems and this especially helps when you are planning for pregnancy. Through well woman exams or gynecological exams, you can learn of any problems or complications that might arise in the onset or during pregnancy. These exams are basically comprise of four parts: health history, physical examination, pelvic exam, and screening for other health problems.

At Advanced Women’s Health Center, we offer you carefully administered gynecological exams. Our services extend to many areas in Florida that include Tampa, Hobson, Citrus, Hernando County, and New Port Richey to name a few.



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